Emilio Ferro (1988) is an Italian artist whose works investigate the perception of light and space through museum installations and projects designed for natural environments. 

In 2010, after completing the three-year course in Design at IED in Turin, Emilio Ferro moved to Berlin to complete his training. In the same year he received a special mention at M.Y.D.A. (Millennium Yacht Design Award) and began working with MANASAS as Lighting Designer. Starting from 2012 he consolidated his collaboration with MANASAS, becoming a partner and developing lighting projects, with particular attention to architectural lighting. 

He is a member of AIDI (Italian Lighting Association) and to date he has supervised and collaborated over 500 lighting projects to date in Italy and abroad. 

Furthermore, from 2020, he is supported by the team of STUDIO STUDIO STUDIO, the interdisciplinary project founded by Edoardo Tresoldi to create and support contemporary artistic projects. 

For several years he has been pursuing his own independent poetics that feed an artistic language capable of blending light, sound and visual arts, in the conviction that only the totalizing experience of Art can make us understand the profound Beauty of Nature, through the distortion of reality on which the artist intervenes, sharing with the viewer what is out of the ordinary. 


Terlo Night Harvest, 2021

Temporary installation

Terlo Vineyards, Barolo, Italy


Cannubi On Fire, 2020

Temporary installation

Cannubi Vineyards, Astemia Pentita, Barolo, Italy

Barolo to Heaven Act II, 2020

Temporary installation

Terlo Vineyards, Barolo, Italy

Barolo to Heaven Act I, 2019

Temporary installation

Bricco San Pietro, Monforte d'Alba, Italy

Resized Volcano, 2019

Temporary installation

National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci, Milan, Italy

Star Grafter, 2018

Temporary installation

Via Vittorio Emanuele II, Alba, Italy


Centro Incontri Della Regione Piemonte, 2009

Collective show

Turin, Italy

Internazionale Italia Arte, 2009

Collective show

Villa Gualino, Turin, Italy

Circolo Della Stampa, 2008

Collective show

Turin, Italy

Change Art, 2008

Collective show

Alba, Italy



Darc Awards, 2020


London, United Kingdom

Change Art, 2009

Third prize

Chiesa San Domenico, Alba, Italy

Collezione Permanente Del Pastello Soffice, 2009

Second prize

Lequio Berria, Italy