Emilio Ferro | Volcanoes Of Light | Photomontage 2015

[work in progress]

Volcanoes have always captured the attention and curiosity of Man who over the centuries has tried to understand the events related to their activity by interpreting the phenomena, sometimes scientifically, others with imagination, through art or literature. Without doubt they are the clear testimony that our planet is a complex and vital system, in constant evolution and transformation.


With the series of works VOLCANOES OF LIGHT, Emilio Ferro aims to map volcanoes with different dimensions and aesthetic peculiarities, creating light installations capable of interacting with their physical characteristics and exploring their primitive generating force, exorcising their destructive power. Sometimes accompanied by sound interventions, Emilio Ferro's works of light are visible from miles away and, investigating the ancestral link between Man and volcanoes, articulate a visual and emotional journey that involves the viewer in a perpetual oscillation between knowledge and unconscious.

Emilio Ferro | Volcanoes Of Light | Photomontage 2019

Emilio Ferro | Volcanoes Of Light | Photomontage 2018