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Emilio Ferro | The Big X | Photomontage 2019 | Emilio Ferro Studio | Light Art Light Art Light Artist Barolo Alba Monforte Cuneo CN Italia Milano Torino Luce Arte Italy Installazione Temporanea Temporary Installation Studio Emilio Ferro Extra

Emilio Ferro | The Big X | Photomontage 2019

[work in progress]

Art is a universal language, made up of symbols and creativity: a few strokes are enough to convey emotions and messages. When the artist chooses to explore yet unknown creative territories, he knows that the journey will be electrifying but tiring; the gaze will have to make its way through the darkness, cross unknown lands, accompanied only by the light of inspiration.


With the project The big X: the hugest mark in the Universe, Emilio Ferro projects himself beyond the terrestrial horizon, in search of spaces for interaction with the universe. Two beams of light, two lasers placed in two different points on the planet, are pointed towards infinity. They run solitary through the darkness, cross each other to form a large X and then continue their journey. The synthesis between the ancestral desire to leave by crossing distant routes and the common need for a return home: The big X, a sign of arrival or departure.

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