Emilio Ferro | Another Sun | Canvas, electric light | Object Series 2018

[work in progress]

The Sun is the parent star of our solar system: essential for life on Earth, it provides the light and heat without which our planet would be uninhabitable. It is not surprising that all the scientific notions that today help us understand its functioning have been preceded by millennia of mythology and legends: pagan divinity to look at, has always been the bridge to the unknown sidereal darkness that surrounds us.


With the ANOTHER SUN project, Emilio Ferro shifts the common point of view and confronts himself with the creation of a possible alternative to what is known.


The inspiration comes from the study of photographs of the Earth, taken from the Moon: a change of perspective that goes beyond the terrestrial horizon and which has prompted the artist to question the need to develop a new Sun to illuminate the Planets that in the future Man will dwell. Is it an impossible experiment? The research is constant and the goal is great: on the road leading to the final realization of the work, other Suns, experimental scale versions, made, for the moment, on Earth.

Emilio Ferro | Another Sun | Canvas, electric lightObject Series 2018

Emilio Ferro | Another Sun | Installation's concept 2019